New Program Manager to take on delivery of drafting National Carp Control Plan from December 2018.
The 2018 Status of Australian Fish Stock (SAFS) Reports, assessed 120 species made up of 406 stocks across finfish, crustaceans, molluscs and sharks and rays.
“In Australian fisheries science, many talented women are contributing to blazing the way forward in areas from stock assessments to ecosystem-based modelling and data analysis.” Says FRDC Executive Director, Patrick Hone “Researchers like Cathy Dichmont, Beth Fulton, Bronwyn Gillanders, Emily Ogier, Sue Poole and Nadia Engstrom immediately spring to mind. And the list goes on”.
The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) welcomes the defence of Australia’s fisheries record in a paper authored by prominent fisheries scientists.
The FRDC is supporting projects to help assess and improve the mental health of those involved in fishing and aquaculture investing over $500,000 in the last few years in projects featuring a mental health component or focus.
CSIRO’s Southern Bluefin Tuna research team were today awarded two prestigious awards at the 2018 CSIRO Awards ceremony.
New Program Manager to take on delivery of drafting National Carp Control Plan from December 2018.
As the world marks World Fisheries Day today, Australia celebrates with the release of fifty years of fisheries history preserved in digital format through the National Library of Australia’s online service, Trove.
The first national picture of the footprint of bottom trawling on Australia’s seabed habitats has just been released. Overall, less than 3.5% of the Australian seabed was found to be affected by trawling in recent years. Although this figure varies regionally, it is among the lowest footprints recorded worldwide.
The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has just invested $450 000 into research to ensure NSW crab populations will be fished sustainably into the future.
While Australia celebrates Gone Fishing Day today and anglers take part in multiple events around the country ‘wetting a line’, the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has long been committed to funding research to ensure this pastime continues.
This work is part of the FRDC’s new National Research Development and Extension Marine Safety and Welfare Initiative. Working with industry partners such as Austral Fisheries and the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council, the Initiative aims to achieve the ambitious goals of zero deaths, an 80 per cent reduction in injuries and 100 per cent compliance with safety regulations. Workplace fatalities in fishing and aquaculture have averaged five a year for the past five years, making the sector the most dangerous in Australia – 25 times more dangerous than mining or construction (based on fatalities per thousand workers). The project, led by Tanya Adams of Taylored Health and Safety Pty Ltd, will provide the industry with a tool kit to assist with the implementation of the existing safety regulations. This will be done by building capability, as well as providing training.
Maintaining and enhancing market access for Australian seafood is critical for future industry growth. SafeFish.com.au provides advice to help resolve technical trade impediments, especially in relation to food safety and hygiene.
Senator Anne Ruston today called for South Australians to get online and vote for their favourite fish and chips at an event at the multi-award winning The Stunned Mullet – Henley Beach. Senator Ruston said all states are well represented and competition is fierce! So far over sixty fish and chip shops have been nominated and voted for across South Australia alone.
The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has just invested $70 000 to promote and increase participation and employment of Indigenous people in the Northern Territory’s fishing and seafood industries.
Second time round for Australia’s best fish and chips
The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has just invested $155 000 into the development of tools to protect Queensland prawn farms from disease such as the white spot disease (WSD). The project will be undertaken by researchers from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
FRDC responds to attack on Australian fisheries science
A recent report found that fishing activities in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, pose a relatively minor risk to the ecosystem health, when compared to the much greater external (non-fishing) threats.
Friday June 1 2018 is International Fish and Chip day and it celebrates one of the world’s favourite fast foods, the humble fish and chips.
National Carp Control Plan Coordinator Matt Barwick today welcomed recent international interest shown in Australia’s National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) which discusses the risks associated with using biological controls.
The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation today announced a sponsored study tour project to enable young leaders in recreational fishing to attend the 8th World Recreational Fishing Conference in Canada.
The National Carp Control Plan Coordinator, Matt Barwick said a new scientific paper out of the United States offers clues as to how the highly invasive and environmentally destructive reign of the ‘rats of the river’ could be stopped.
The launch of Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) today in Adelaide is testament to Australia’s seafood industry coming together in spectacular fashion to create a new national peak body.