Australian Prawn Farmers' Association (APFA)

The Australian Prawn Farmer’s Association (APFA) was formed in 1993 to represent the interests and foster the development of the Australian prawn farming industry. The Association is a key contact for investors, new farmers and firms wishing to do business with the Australian prawn farming sector.

APFA Contact

Executive Officer Kim Hooper -

FRDC contact 

Wayne Hutchinson

APFA priorities

1. Smart Farming (including but not limited to feed, energy, labour, waste management, farm efficiency, technology, innovation, profit, competitiveness etc.)
2. Selectively Bred Broodstock
3. Disease and Biosecurity
4. Best Practices (including but not limited to animal welfare, sustainability, development, communications, marketing etc.)
5. Human Dimensions (including but not limited to industry safety knowledge and learnings, mental health, understanding strengths and challenges as a prawn farmer, social impacts of farming etc.)

APFA symposium

13 -15 August 2018


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