Pearl Consortium IPA

The Pearl Consortium IPA was established in 2011 and currently extends until 2021. The IPA is headed by the Paspaley Group that represents a consortium of eight pearling companies that have co-invested directly with FRDC to improve existing production technology and develop new technologies. This partnership has proved to be very beneficial, with significant progress made in a number of areas that have been implemented to improve industry performance.

Pearl Consortium Contact
David Mills -


FRDC IPA Manager/Contact
Wayne Hutchinson - 

Industry Partnership Agreement
RD&E investment planning, project development and implementation is undertaken through a collaborative process between industry representatives of the Pearl Consortium, research providers and FRDC, with priorities identified during regular teleconferences, meetings and workshops.

Current Research Priorities:

Current priority investment areas include:

  • Greater understanding of technical, biological, husbandry and environmental factors affecting pearl production and quality
  • Improved pearl quality from superior hatchery produced stocks
  • Reliable spat production methods that deliver high quality pearl oysters for seeding operations
  • Reduction in the production cost per oyster from hatchery to seeding operations
  • More efficient farm husbandry methods that minimise WH&S risks
  • Greater knowledge of pearl oyster health issues and how they interact with production methods


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