National Priority One - Ensuring that Australian fishing and aquaculture products are sustainable and acknowledged to be so

For 2018-19, the key focus for National Priority One are:

  • The expansion of the Status of Australian Fish Stocks Reports to include information on bycatch, fisheries management and habitat, and reduce the number of undefined species in the report,
  • To progress the development and implementation of a national bycatch reporting framework,
  • To extend new forms of communication with stakeholders and end users (consumers), and
  • To finalise guidelines for Australian Fisheries Management Standards.


Performance over the year will be assessed against the following indicators:


RD&E Plan 2015-20 Performance criteria

Year target

The number of species in the national Status of Key Australian Fish Stocks Reports increases to include 200 species.

160 species included in Status of Australian Fish Stocks Reports.

The number of species classified as ‘undefined’ is reduced from the previous [2016] Status of Key Australian Fish Stocks Reports.

Undefined species is less than 20%.

Perception of the commercial fishing industry increased from 28%t to 40% by 2020.

Perception of industry increases to 34%.

Priority Leader- Sevaly Sen

Priority Contact- Crispian Ashby P. 02 6285 0425.

More information about this Priority can be found in the FRDC's RDE Plan 2015-20.


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