Developing a marketing plan


To ensure that the FRDC canvassed all industry to get their views, a dedicated industry consultation program was developed and rolled out over twelve months from 2014-2015. The FRDC is also happy to welcome input in any way it is provided, whether face to face when we were out visiting, over the phone or sent to us as a hand-written note or email.

During this time, FRDC listened to what fishers, farmers, processors, retailers and key stakeholders want. In addition, the FRDC established a Marketing Function Advisory Committee to provide an industry sounding board.

The industry views form the foundations of a marketing business plan that encompasses broader market issues that apply to all sectors, such as supply chains, market data and how to fund market activities. The plan also encompasses specific industry-sector needs such as product awareness.


Industry consultation

Five approaches (stages) were used to gain feedback from a wide cross-section of the industry.

  1. Work with the Marketing Function Advisory Committee to obtain their views, and input that into the development of the engagement process and fine-tune it, to make it as effective as possible.
  2. Work with key stakeholder groups who have already begun some marketing initiatives, so that lessons can be learned from their experiences. These groups include the Australian prawn farmers, Abalone Council of Australia and fishers and Barramundi farmers, and rock lobster groups. In addition, the FRDC identified some cross-sector groups such as the wholesale markets and cooperatives to gain some broader views - Love Australian Prawns. 
  3. The FRDC has undertaken a market research survey to gather opinions from about 300 key seafood companies and licence holders from across Australia.
  4. This stage ran in parallel with stage three and will see the FRDC staff talking to industry at all levels, from fishers, right through to including industry councils, whenever possible (meetings, phone calls and emails).
  5. Presentations and meetings with industry representatives (sector groups) and seafood catchers/producers.

Presentations, market research, feedback and thoughts generated from the consultation are available from these pages: