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Development of options for improving the planning and managing of abalone and southern rock lobster wild catch R&D

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Abalone Industry Association Of SA Inc

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Gary Morgan

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The abalone wild capture fishery needs to address a number of biological constraints and socio-economic issues through a coordinated research effort to ensure sustainability, profitability and to develop to its full potential. In particular, research is required that addresses issues of immediate concern while acknowledging that some projects require long-term timeframes. There is therefore a need to promote a strategic plan and to develop collaborative research projects that address industry bottlenecks and avoid duplication and unnecessary expenditure. This Abalone Wild Capture Subprogram will deliver the mechanism for the required collaboration while efficiently addressing research priorities identified by industry. This is to our knowledge the first proposed FRDC subprogram for a wild capture fishery that will address the whole of chain. It offers the opportunity, due to the stability of the industry organisations, to provide leadership to other fishery sectors in managing the interface between R&D, innovation and adoption.


1. Document all current and committed R&D expenditure on wild catch abalone, including prioritisation and assessment processes, project objectives, deliverables and time frames.

2. To prepare an options paper which identifies and critically assess against the status quo the possible alternative R&D management scenarios for wild catch abalone.

3. To prepare a formal cost benefit analysis as part of the options paper for each R&D management scenario.

4. To present the options paper at the inaugural National Abalone Workshop (2001/305).

Final Report - 2001/072 - Development of options for improving the planning and managing of abalone and southern rock lobster wild catch R&D

Final Report
Author(s):Gary Morgan
Date Published:February 2003

Principal Investigator: Dr Gary Morgan, Mr Michael Tokley and Mr Roger Edwards

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