Larval transport and recruitment processes of southern rock lobster

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CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Hobart

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Barry Bruce

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Final Report - 2002/007 - Larval transport and recruitment processes of southern rock lobster

Final Report
Author(s):Barry Bruce
Date Published:March 2009

Principal Investigator: Barry Bruce, David Griffin, Russell Bradford

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1. To examine the relationship between spawning region and settlement success across the range of the SRL fishery - identify where successfully settling puerulus come from

2. To model the effects on settlement, throughout the range of the fishery, of changing spawning output in various areas of the fishery – provide information on whether increasing spawning stock biomass in some areas will help to increase recruitment and, hence, yield

3. To identify major physical processes contributing to differences in settlement between years and between regions – help understand whether variations in puerulus settlement result from management changes or environmental effects

4. To identify mechanisms for incorporating findings of the project into on-going assessments of recruitment indices and stock status – how best to develop the model outputs into a form that managers, researchers and industry can use on an on-going basis