SCRC: PhD 5.04 Assessing the costs and benefits of changing fishing practices in the southern rock lobster fishery (Dr Bridget Green; Student Tim Emery)

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University of Tasmania (UTAS)

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Bridget Green

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Assessing the costs and benefits of individual transferable quota management in the Tasmanian southern rock lobster fishery, Australia

Final Report
Author(s):Timothy James Emery
Date Published:January 2014

The specific aim of this thesis was to assess the effectiveness of individual transferable quota (ITQ) systems of management in meeting economic, ecological and social objective(s) through quantitatively analysing changing fishing practices and behaviour of fishers in the Tasmanian Southern Rocklobster (TSRL) fishery to inform management decision-making. Understanding how fishers behave and make decisions is critical in determining how best to manage fisheries. If the response of fishers to management measures can be predicted, unexpected and undesirable outcomes can be avoided.

ITQ management has been introduced in many international fisheries, with the purpose of accounting for human behaviour, as it theoretically generates behavioural incentives that are aligned with management objectives (e.g. reducing fishing costs). The ability of ITQ systems to meet continuing economic, ecological and social objectives therefore is centred on ensuring fisher behavioural incentives remain aligned with those objectives.