WRL IPA: review and analysis of the risks associated with the sustainable development of the WA Rock Lobster industry

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Western Rock Lobster Council Inc (WRLC)

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Peter Cooke

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The Board of the WRLC has identified the pressing need for both the Board itself and the general membership to have a better understanding the the non-ecological risks associated with managing their fishery. In this context risk is defined as the effect of uncertainty on the ability of the organisation to meet its objectives. The management of this risk is is via arrange of activities that the organisation intentionally undertakes to understand and reduce the effect of uncertainty. This has not been attempted before and in order to meet the objective it is necessary to create a risk management framework in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 3100/2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines. This is necessary because the Standard provides the starting point, a standard vocabulary and a baseline for comparisons and assessments of risk management processes. It is however also critical that judicious use of terminology and vocabulary is employed when engaging with industry and the WRLC Board recognises that if the wider industry is to be confident that its Board is acting to best practice then the industry fully understands what that means.


1. Building a risk-management framework for the Western Rock Lobster Industry

Final report 2015-237-DLD Western Rock Lobster Industry Risk Management Framework Report

Final Report
Date Published:February 2017
The Western Rock Lobster Council determined in 2016 to engage agribusiness consultancy Agknowledge® to consult widely across the supply chain and develop a Risk Management Framework against good practice for the Western Rock Lobster Industry. The Industry is seeking to demonstrate responsible leadership and innovation with identification and management of all risks associated with long term management of the fishery. This report provides a summary of the initial consultation process which identified the key risks and informed the building of the Strategic Risk Register.​