National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2018 - 2020

Project Number:



Affectus Pty Ltd

Principal Investigator:

Jill Briggs

Project Status:


FRDC Expenditure:



Adoption, Industry, People


1. To update the current NSILP through a review and desktop research process

2. To provide NSILP learning materials reflecting the above updated program

3. To facilitate a NSILP application and selection process that results in a diverse cohort of program participants

4. To provide a professionally facilitated nine-day industry leadership program for the seafood community

5. To manage the support and development of (a minimum) fifteen (15) NSILP participants/graduates

6. To create strong networks and succession opportunities between the seafood community and NSILP participants/graduates

7. To develop and deliver a project evaluation process at the conclusion of the project