Aquatic Animal Health and Biosecurity Subprogram: Identification of differentially expressed innate immune genes in the New Zealand paua (Haliotis iris) and the Australian hybrid abalone (H. laevigata X H. rubra) upon immersion challenge with the abalone herpesvirus-1 (HaHV)

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CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory

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Serge Corbeil

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Environment, Industry


1. Define the time-line of an anti-viral response in the paua and Australian hybrid abalone for the first-time, utilising real-time PCR, and a set of known anti-viral effector genes.

2. Through mRNA sequencing and genomic analysis, identify early genes expressed in paua and Australian hybrid abalone upon HaHV immersion challenge.

3. Establish an immune signature in the early response of the host to the virus that differs between the paua and Australian hybrid abalone, to determine key immune players in HaHV resistance.