Media messages about sustainable seafood: how do media influencers affect consumer attitudes?

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University of Adelaide North Terrace Campus

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Michelle Phillipov

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Communities, Environment, Industry

How do celebrity chefs and other media influencers affect consumer attitudes about sustainable seafood?

Author(s):Michelle Phillipov
Date Published:August 2018
We have conducted a comprehensive media survey of key media texts across all major genres and platforms for the past 3 years (2015-2018) to identify: the major reported issues affecting seafood sustainability; the role of celebrity chefs and media influencers in this media coverage; and the effects of different media and communications strategies in contributing to ‘share of voice’ in key issues.


1. To identify the role and preferred mechanisms of media influencers in shaping media messages about the sustainability of Australian produced seafood and the Australian domestic seafood industry that are successful in achieving the greatest share of media ‘voice’, and to evaluate the impacts of this on consumer perceptions.

2. Contribute to the ongoing development of National Priority 1 Communications Strategy.

3. Offer best-practice strategies for dealing with the divergent messages from industry, and media influencers, and in doing so, boost the profile of the Australian seafood industry achievements in relation to sustainability initiatives.