Develop a strong current warning system and inform knowledge of the nearshore current regime influencing the Western Rock Lobster fishery

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University of Western Australia (UWA)

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Chari Pattiaratchi

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Adoption, Industry


By combining this greater coverage with information derived from commercial fishers (e.g. days when gear is drowned or lost to determine key current velocities) a purpose built webapp can be developed, hosted on an existing service, which allows fishers to asses the risks posed by ocean currents to their fishing operation before they set their gear. This would also allow for fishers to predict days when drowned gear may resurface and therefore the fishing operation may continue. In addition to this helping the fishing operation, greater current modelling coverage over this part of the fishery will allow for the fine-scale assessment of the links between water movement and puerulus settlement. As part of FRDC project “2016-260 WRL IPA: assess causes and implications of anomalous low lobster catch rates in the shallow water areas near the centre of the Western Rock Lobster fishery” 40 additional puerulus collectors will be added to the current DOF monitoring program which will provide extensive coverage of settlement rates between Seven Mile, Dongara and Jurien Bay.


1. Establish additional coastal radar station

2. Establish a predictive warning system for ocean conditions that can be used by the WRL fishery to improve efficiency

3. Assess the relationship between water circulation and puerulus settlement rates