To develop a national marine safety extension resource toolkit and to trial with all fisheries jurisdictions

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Taylored Health and Safety Pty Ltd

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Tanya L. Adams

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Adoption, Industry, People


1. To build capability in each jurisdiction industry council for the development of a safety management system toolkit based on gear type/fishery type for implementation across industry

2. To develop processes to ensure existing and future projects including LMS ( 2017-194) and Barriers to Adoption ( 2017-046) are integrated into objective 1 above

4. To develop a national “champions” network for workplace/ marine safety to assist jurisdictional bodies communicate and champion the safety message

5. To ensure current and previous marine safety RD&E projects are linked and collaborate effectively to achieve increased levels of extension

6. To develop a tool and estimate wild catch fisheries accident statistics ( historical) and to provide a system and a benchmark to measure future performance of accident statistics