Guidelines on a tiered, risk-based approach to bycatch management

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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) - ABARES

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Simon Nicol

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Environment, Industry


1. Develop and test guidelines for a tiered, risk-based framework for bycatch management where bycatch species are assessed and managed according to the level of interaction, the level of understanding and the risk of the impact of the interaction. This framework will be consistent with the Harvest Strategy Policy, be efficient and cost-effective and encompass sub-objectives 2-6 listed below (sub-objectives funded by DA are indicated).

2. Develop and test a system for identifying bycatch species in each fishery, including the reclassification of bycatch as commercial species and vice versa. (DA-funded)

3. Provide guidance on the development of explicit and transparent objectives (DA-funded), appropriate benchmarks and equivalent levels of risk that can be applied on a fishery-by-fishery basis.

4. Provide a continuum of assessment, management response and adaptive management, depending on data availability and risk, that utilises and builds on AFMA’s ERA–ERM approach.

5. Detail a system for performance monitoring, reporting and evaluation, including the assessment of the policy’s overall success. (DA-funded)

6. Trial and evaluate draft guidelines in several Commonwealth fisheries.