Australian Society for Fish Biology: Scientific networking, early career development and international engagement

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Australian Society For Fish Biology Inc

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Chris Fulton

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Industry, People


In the face of mounting pressure on Australia’s marine and freshwater ecosystems, there is a need for robust scientific information to support the sustainable development and management of our aquatic resources. The ASFB is Australasia’s premier professional association for fish and fisheries researchers. The annual science conference and associated workshop/s makes an important and tangible contribution to skill development of people involved in fish and fisheries research and management, particularly offering students and early career researchers opportunities to present their work, interact with peers and develop collaborative links. The ASFB has a strong commitment to promoting and communicating science, encouraging sustainable management practices, encouraging excellence in fisheries research, and recognizing outstanding contributions of scientists and professionals through various awards and scholarships. In addition the ASFB has recognised the need for increased international engagement in particular via increased active involvement with World Council of Fisheries Societies. This proposal is seeking sponsorship support for the annual science conference in 2016 (Hobart), 2017 (Western Australia) and 2018 (location to be decided but possibly Victoria) and a series of conference associated awards that support student travel and recognise research excellence. The proposal addresses three people development program goals, namely (i) to encourage knowledge transfer and R&D adoption (ASFB annual science conference) and (ii) to recognise and promote achievements (ASFB student research awards) and (iii) to enhance industry leadership (bringing together a range of people for the annual conference). These activities will encourage participation and exchange of information and provide an opportunity to develop networks and collaborations with outside organisations. In addition this proposal seeks support for one senior ASFB office bearer to attend the 7th World Fisheries Congress (WFC) in Busan as part of an Australia-New Zealand team bidding to host 8th WFC in 2020.


1. Provide a forum for researchers, managers and stakeholders to meet to discuss issues relevant to fish and fisheries science and management

2. Support, encourage and recognise achievements of early career researchers

3. Support and encourage student participation at ASFB's annual science conference and key international conferences

4. Increased international profile of ASFB via greater participation in activities of World Fisheries Council and planning for World Fisheries Congress