The right conversations - Identifying optimal stakeholder engagement and evaluation practices for fisheries

Project Number:



ENVision Environmental Consulting

Principal Investigator:

Nicki Mazur

Project Status:


FRDC Expenditure:





1. Conduct desktop research to ascertain the range of factors influencing (primary) industry’s use of available and best practice engagement strategies, tools and practices.

2. Identify examples of effective and accessible processes for designing and evaluating targeted engagement strategies (for primary industries, including fisheries).

3. Identify means for industry to assess the effectiveness of engagement activities (evaluation) to give confidence in their investments

4. Share project findings with the primary audience (the Human Dimensions Program and seafood industry leaders).

5. Improve understanding of key barriers to the seafood industry’s adoption of existing best practice models and methods of engagement.

6. Improve applicability of existing engagement resources for seafood industry to increase their capacity to effectively engage with its stakeholders and communities.