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Valuing Victoria's Wild-catch fisheries and aquaculture industries

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University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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Kate Barclay

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Communities, Industry


1. Evaluate the economic contribution of commercial wild-catch fisheries and aquaculture to community wellbeing for seven regions of Victoria, including the regional economic impacts such as multiplier effects and employment and contributions to related sectors within regions, building on previous Australian studies.

2. Evaluate the social contributions of commercial wild-catch fisheries and aquaculture to community wellbeing for the same regions, including the social aspects of economic contributions, food provision, health and nutrition, services and infrastructure, interactions with tourism, consumers, and recreational fishers, contributions to community identity and heritage, and knowledge networks, building on previous Australian studies.

3. Build on and refine a methodology to be used for ongoing social and economic evaluations of industry as part of FRDC national framework.

4. Disseminate findings, identifying the social and economic contributions of seafood production to community wellbeing for each study region, highlighting threats to sustainability and viability, as well as opportunities, in a form suitable for engaging: 1) local and state government agencies; and 2) the general public, to raise awareness of the role of professional wild-catch fisheries and aquaculture in Victorian communities.