Future Oysters CRC-P Communication and Adoption

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Australian Seafood Industries Pty Ltd (ASI)

Principal Investigator:

Matthew Cunningham

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Adoption, Industry, People


1. Effectively communicate findings and activities of all Future Oysters CRC-P R&D projects to industry, other researchers and stakeholders.

2. Conduct specific extension activities that provide opportunities for growers to be exposed to findings of Future Oysters CRC-P R&D to maximise adoption and impact

3. Develop and maintain communication media and methods that effectively deliver Future Oysters CRC-P findings in a manner that is most effective for industry

4. Ensure attendance of CRC-P members at annual oyster industry conferences in each state to most effectively present findings and meet with and seek feedback from growers.

5. Engagement of honours students with CRC-P research and development of their capacity to work effectively with industry