Aquatic Animal Health Subprogram: Review of vocational education courses on aquatic animal health available to fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Australia for the FRDC Aquatic Animal Health Subprogram (AAHS)

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Australian Aquaculture Support Services Pty Ltd

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Mark Oliver

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Environment, People


There are currently Vocational Training and Education institutions throughout Australia undertaking skills and knowledge based training in aquatic animal health management. In terms of national recognition, this area of aquatic animal health education has largely been ignored in the past. There are vocational institutions around Australia that undertake quality skills development in the area of aquatic animal health and from this develop meaningful learning materials for the learner. This type of information is vitally important to a project of this nature as there has been quite sophisticated levels of advancement in some vocation training aquatic animal health areas that need to be analysed.


1. Develop a comprehensive catalogue of vocational institutes providing courses in aquatic animal health

2. Outline past and present vocational training courses that address aquatic animal health

3. Define training package aquatic animal health content, elements, performance criteria, critical knowledge areas, critical skills areas, range statements, critical aspects of evidence and assessment for all vocational levels

4. Outline specific topics/species covered in the learning materials of vocational training institutions

5. Define articulation procedures for vocational training areas of aquatic animal health into tertiary systems.