National Seafood Industry Leadership Program participant support for Morgan Hand

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Fiskehand Pty Ltd

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Morgan Hand

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I feel the national seafood industry is still behind the ball when it comes to public perception. Other primary industries seem to enjoy a much better public reputation than Australian fisheries even though we can be proud of having some of the best managed and successful fisheries as well as some of the worlds most sought after seafood. I think that this is one of the largest challenges facing the industry currently, and threatens jobs in seafood. I also feel that there are more improvements and innovations that can be had, and often those come from getting together and talking with other members of the seafood industry to discuss your challenges and successes. I hope over my career in the industry that I can help to change this even in some small way, and I think this program will provide me with some tools and connections to better achieve that goal.


1. Participate in the Melbourne NSILP 8th-10th May

2. Participate in the Sydney NSILP 13th-16th August

3. Participate in the Canberra NSILP 23rd-25th October