Social Science Research Coordination Program (SSRCP) II

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KAL Analysis Pty Ltd

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Kate J. Brooks

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FRDC Social Sciences Research and Coordination Program II

Final Report
Author(s):Kate Brooks
Date Published:May 2015
This report summarises the key activities of the Social Sciences and Research Coordination Program II (SSRCP II), which was implemented in 2012 and concluded in 2015. It focuses on the key objectives of the Program, achievements and recommendations for future iterations of this type of Program, or areas where the FRDC may want to focus efforts to encompass the social sciences dimension of fisheries research.

Key Words:  Social Sciences Research Coordination Program; Research; Community; Industry communications; fisheries management.


1. Continue the social sciences program in the existing framework, subject to ongoing industry and research community feedback

2. Collaborate with the industry to identify emerging issues in wild harvest, aquacutlure, post harvest, recreational and indigenous fishery sectors, that could benefit from early integration of social science research for the identification of potential solutions.

3. Addresss research needs arising from FRDC's existing programs and ensure the quality and relevance of proposed social research projects

4. Co-ordinate and undertake the communication of key social research needs to the research community and SSRCP research outcomes to fishers and managment agencies.

5. Provide FRDC relevant program management for social projects including evaluation, commissioning of projects and milestone reviews.