Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Ranching Research, Development and Extension Management Program

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Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association

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Claire Webber

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This project is essential for the continued function and improvement of a cohesive R&D approach aimed at meeting the priority needs of the SBT Aquaculture Industry. The industry had developed rapidly post its initiation in 1991 and has the opportunity to continue to do so beyond 2020. However, targeted R&D is needed to underpin this development and to assure the long-term sustainability of the industry in an increasingly competitive international market. This project is required for the continuation and further development of research in the SBT aquaculture industry, to set and meet objectives, as well as ensuring appropriate inputs and outcomes are delivered to FRDC. The SBT Research Program is needed to: - provide the opportunity for an ongoing management structure to oversee active research projects and ensure desired outcomes are achieved; - set research priorities and develop projects to match priorities; - minimise the level of research duplication; - provide a focus for developing SBT aquaculture related research infrastructure; - provide focused strategy for disseminating research results to industry and other stakeholders; - address industry priorities and gaps by establishing a mechanism to empower industry's involvement in their research; - maintain frameworks to ensure that SBT aquaculture research is orderly, targeted and value for money; - facilitate leadership and training for industry workforce; - support industry participation in conferences, congresses and forums to enhance industry knowledge of relevant subjects, address threats to industry, expand affiliations with external sectors and increase research networks; - build cross sectorial relationships within seafood industries , research institutions and the media; - identify new pathways relevant to future research and the continuing success of the program; and - provide a mechanism for obtaining feedback for continuous program improvement.


1. Ensure sustainable development of the industry

2. Improve resource access and property rights

3. Improve profitability

4. Extend research outcomes to stakeholders

5. Enhance market opportunity

6. Ensure workforce development and safety

7. Encourage participation in forums that concern industry