NCCP: Remembering a life BC #Before Carp ;a collection of stories from Australians who have been impacted by Australia’s worst freshwater pest fish – the Carp!

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Centre for Invasive Species Solutions

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Ian McDonald

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Remembering a time #BC - Before Carp

Final Report
Author(s):Ian McDonald
Date Published:February 2018
The present study, undertaken by Invasive Animals Ltd, was developed to address a need for incorporating living memory of waterway changes resulting from cyprinus carpio introduction into public discussion surrounding potential use of cyprinid herpesvirus (CyHV-3) as a biocontrol measure. There is concern that through shifts in social and work conditions, fewer people are in one place long enough to note shifting environmental conditions, and so perceive existing conditions at any time as 'normal'. By interviewing people who have actively used waterways affected by carp, and have memories of the same waterways prior to carp invasion, a social record is made of impacts on humans and environment over time . By providing such memories to the public audience through video and social media, this study provides a means of informing a wider of audience of 'baseline' waterway conditions that is likely to have been previously unknown to them. 
Keywords: carp, CyHV-3, social perception, fishing, farming


1. Awareness raising around the issue of carp and the need for carp control

2. Enhancing traffic to the NCCP Facebook page through the use of compelling and fresh stories

3. Enhancing traffic to the NCCP website through the creation of a blog series