Developing a guidance document for Whichfish Risk Assessment

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Oceanomics Pty Ltd

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Sevaly Sen

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Environment, Industry


Whichfish.com.au is the FRDC B2B portal which provides the results of the risk assessments of key Australian commercial species as well as those species which have are certified under a GSSI recognised scheme. It is important that external assessors apply and interpret information in a consistent way. This requires a supporting document, a Guidance Document, to guide assessors on how to interpret the risk assessment criteria, the evidence to be used and on scoring. This Guidance will be used for both Australian species assessments (Whichfish.com.au) and New Zealand(openseas.org.nz). This project seeks to develop that guidance document. Following this project, any species undergoing risk assessments will have outcomes reported on the respective ANZ websites to ensure full transparency.


1. Prepare a guidance document to enable consistent application of Whichfish risk assessment framework.