Oyster Industry Response to the COVID19 Crisis

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Oysters Australia Ltd

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Len Stephens

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In response to the COVID19 crisis, Oysters Australia is investigating ways of supporting the industry, particularly through initiatives that could minimise the "gridlock" of oysters along the supply chain, and maintain sales of oysters, thereby preserving some income through the value chain. Numerous forms of support for the seafood industry during the COVID19 crisis has been provided by Federal and State governments. Most of these involve individual businesses applying directly to the government. This application aims to design a national response that could be implemented using a combination of funds from Oysters Australia and governments. For example, the Commonwealth funds available for support of severely affected industries and regions.


1. To prepare a brief to governments and industry describing the most useful activities that could be carried out to support improved oyster sales across the whole industry .

2. To use the above brief to encourage growers, wholesalers and retailers to implement the ideas immediately and to seek funds from as many sources as possible to support ongoing implementation.