Investigate changes in acceptance of wild caught Barramundi in the foodservice and hospitality market sectors

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Honey and Fox Pty Ltd

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Jayne M. Gallagher

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The recent market failure of wild-caught Barramundi has seen the price to fishers fall to an all-time low. Anecdotal information suggests that this failure is, in part, from a lack of development in packaging, presentation and grading of product, and has seen demand from the foodservice and hospitality sectors decline over time. Research as to what the wild catch Barramundi sectors require today in terms of user-friendly packaging and presentation should be undertaken to define what requirements are needed in order to improve market share for this iconic species. Research is also needed to ensure that any new approach undertaken by the wild Barramundi sector is supported by the market. Understanding current and desired market positioning vis a vis competitors as well as what is needed to achieve the desired positioning will assist this.


1. To research the food service and hospitality sectors to gain insights into the drivers and barriers in demand for wild caught barramundi across the different industry sectors

2. To document new packaging, presentation and quality requirements needed in order to improve market share for wild caught barramundi.

3. To identify and document resources that can be used by barramundi fishers to develop, trial and evaluate new product packaging formats, product presentation and quality requirements targeting the needs of the food service and hospitality sectors

4. To develop and extend a wild barramundi market development and positioning strategy