The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) conducts various calls for applications to address nominated research priorities.

An EOI is to be completed via Fishnet ( Once you have completed your EOI you must finalise it on Fishnet so that FRDC receives notification that the application is submitted. Failure to do so may mean that your application is not submitted and therefore not considered.
If you have any questions or problems with Fishnet, please contact the FRDC by phone (02) 6285 0400 or email
Applications must be finalised by the 15 February 2016. Applications not submitted by this date may not be accepted unless prior approval for a later submission date is provided by the FRDC.
Each EOI must clearly outline how it will meet the relevant identified need(s). Provide a succinct description of the proposed methodology to achieve the stated objectives, and deliver the outputs and outcomes. A realistic budget that reflects the activity to be undertaken is to be provided along with justification for the budget request. Where appropriate, applicants should demonstrate collaboration with other relevant research providers and end users and also consider past and current research to avoid duplication and build on previous outputs.
After 15 February 2016, the FRDC will review each EOI for assessment and will provide advice directly to applicants on whether their application has been supported or not supported in the round.
The priority area for RD&E investment is:
Establishment of a professional association of fishery managers
1.       An assessment of the feasibility of establishing a professional association for Australian fisheries managers to improve collaboration and engagement on cross-jurisdictional fisheries management issues, upskill fisheries managers through coordinated training opportunities and increase the recognition of fisheries management as a profession.
2.       Development of options of models for such an association that is sustainable and self-funding in the longer term.
Planned outcomes
Establishment of an association that addresses the needs that is sustainable and self-funding in the longer term.