The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has four main funding mechanisms. These are Annual Competitive Round, Tactical Research Fund, the People Development Program and Industry Partnership Agreements.

To ensure that your project is eligible for funding, please consider the following documents:

It is important to consider these documents in the preparation of your application. You will also need to consider the priorities of the relevant stakeholders.

Increase your chances of a successful funding application by visiting the funding program of your choice and ensure your application meets the criteria.

Applying for Funding Glossary

Useful terms to know when applying for funding are as follows:

ACR Annual Competitive Round
Board Initiative Projects initiated by the FRDC Board
E&A Extension and Adoption
EOI Expression of Interest
FRAB; Fisheries Research Advisory Bodies
IPA Industry Partnerships Partnership Agreements
PDP People Development Program
RD&E Research Development and Extension
TRF Tactical Research Fund

Submitting Your Application

All applications to the FRDC funding must be submitted through the FRDC’s online application system, FishNET

When using FishNET, please save each page and entry during the application process.