Number of Places
Aquatic Animal Health Training Scheme not specified Under review
National Seafood Industry Leadership Program
Closed - Expressions of interest invited from October each year
Australian Rural Leadership Program

Applications for Course 23 of the ARLP are closed. Applications close on 31 July each year for the following year's Program

Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship
​Closed. Applications will open 1 April 2016 and will close 30 June 2016
WINSC Professional Development Scholarship

Aquatic Animal Health Training Scheme - under review

The Aquatic Animal Health Training Scheme is jointly funded by the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and the FRDC. The aim of the training scheme is to improve knowledge and skills in aquatic animal health management to support Australia’s fishing and aquaculture industry, including the aquarium sector. The total amount available for the scheme over two years is $120,000.

Funding is available on a competitive basis to support individuals to undertake short, focused training activities, within Australia or overseas. The scheme also encourages applications from organisations for alternative approaches to skills development including, but not limited to, visiting experts delivering master classes.


Business owners, employees or other persons directly involved in the fishing and aquaculture industry, with a specific health component in their role - farm/hatchery managers, veterinarians, pathologists, diagnosticians, researchers, educators, and persons engaged in aspects of aquatic health management.

Advice to applicants

The focus of the scheme is on up-skilling rather than basic training. It is not intended that this scheme fund degree courses.  To assist applicants, information on a range of Australian and international courses has been collected, and is available on request from the FRDC people development program manager. This list is not exhaustive, and does not claim to identify all relevant training opportunities.

While there is no cap on the amount awarded to a successful applicant, the amount of funding for an individual is likely to be in the range of $5 - $15K. The scheme will cover reasonable costs associated with attending courses or obtaining and disseminating new skills. This includes economy travel, accommodation, course fees.

Where funding is provided for visiting experts, consideration must be given to the capture of information for ongoing use. Value for money and benefit to industry will be primary considerations when assessing applications. Applications that secure financial support from other funding sources or industry will be viewed positively.

At conclusion of the award, the recipient will be expected to provide a final report to the FRDC, and provide a statement of expenses.

How to apply – important information

Applications should be submitted through your employer, or a host organisation or business, rather than by unattached individuals. If successful in their application, your employer or host organisation will enter into a Development Award Deed of Agreement with the FRDC, which will detail the terms and conditions upon which the award is being provided, and for which funds may be committed and/or expended.

Applications for Aquatic Animal Health Training Scheme should be made through the FRDC’s online application system, FishNET.

The application should be completed using the Expression of Interest template and the project title should commence with “2014 Aquatic Animal Health Training Scheme:” followed by the name of the applicant. Under ‘Methodology’ applicants should describe a detailed program of activities that will be undertaken and budget details.

Letters of support are encouraged and can be attached to your application in FishNET.

For further information on the scheme, or help with navigating the application form, contact Jo-Anne Ruscoe or telephone (02) 6285 0400.

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National Seafood Industry Leadership Program

The National Seafood Industry Leadership Program equips members of the seafood industry (all sectors and service providers) with the necessary leadership skills, networks and whole of industry perspective to help them influence the future of the Australian seafood industry  with the necessary leadership skills, networks and whole of industry perspective to help them influence the future of the Australian seafood industry.

Designed in consultation with the seafood industry, the program focuses on developing the skills of its participant’s at three key levels – personal, business and national industry. Throughout the program, participants are exposed to new and effective ways of handling conflict, improved communication techniques, high performance team building, change management and basic media training. Participants are also provided with the opportunity to forge links with industry leaders, government decision makers and other key stakeholders through mentoring opportunities, industry information sessions and participation in networking events.

The Program is funded by the FRDC and its co-sponsoring industry partners, and run through Rural Training Initiatives. The Gold Sponsor for the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program is Sydney Fish Market.

Previous program graduates have gone on to apply their skills in a wide variety of areas including regional network development, regional and state industry association boards, reference committees and effective business and workplace management.

The Program consists of three residential sessions. Participants will also be expected to undertake some out-of-session work to develop and implement projects that respond to some of the key challenges facing the Australian seafood industry.

Before applying, applicants will be required to gain support from an industry organisation, company or agency in the form of a formal nomination. This is to ensure that participants have strong links to their industry and will be best placed to contribute to its future upon completion of the program.

​Further information on the Program can be found at Any enquiries about the National Seafood Industry Leadership program can be directed to Jill Briggs at Rural Training Initiatives: Telephone 02 60357284.

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Australian Rural Leadership Program

The FRDC offers annual sponsorship for up to two members of the seafood industry to participate in the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP), which is delivered through the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

The ARLP provides a unique opportunity for selected rural and regional leaders to undertake a program of personal growth and develop the skills, knowledge and networks needed to be effective in regional, state, national and international arenas. Focusing on the development of professional and personal leadership skills, the examination of key national and international issues and interaction with leaders in government, industry and the community, the ARLP prepares leaders to:

  • develop sustainable, competitive and profitable industries, in an international context
  • develop sustainable (economic, social, environmental) communities within rural and regional Australia
  • establish strategic alliances and build strong links within and across industry sectors
  • identify the competing demands for industry, government and the community support
  • identify and analyse the strategic issues affecting the future of rural and regional Australia
  • understand the values, tactics and arguments of interest groups
  • deal confidently with industry, government and community leaders in Australia and overseas
  • participate in shaping national policies

Applications for each ARLP intake open in May for the following calendar year’s program, closing in July. Find out more and apply at

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Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship

The FRDC offers a single annual sponsorship to help support a member of the fishing industry to participate in the prestigious Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship program.

The Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships are awarded to primary producers throughout Australia and seek to increase the practical business/industry knowledge and management skills of the scholarship winners. The scholarships give Australian citizens the opportunity to study progressive primary production practices throughout the world. They also promote a closer understanding between primary producers in the countries visited. The winner of the FRDC sponsored Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship will be provided with the opportunity to:

  • participate in a guided Global Focus Program, which includes six weeks spent in various countries throughout the world investigating marketing, trade and environmental issues, and experiencing the social and cultural aspects of each region
  • research a topic that the scholar believes will add significant value to the Australian seafood industry (this can include an individual study program in the Scholar’s nominated country or countries of choice)
  • become a member of a worldwide network of more than 1,200 Nuffield Farming Scholars, who have enjoyed the unique Nuffield experience.

As a Nuffield Scholar you will become part of a select group of innovative, free thinking people.

The FRDC’s support of the Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships provides members of the Australian wild-catch fishing and aquaculture sectors with a unique opportunity to stand back from their day-to-day operations and study a subject of particular interest to their business or industry. It also provides an opportunity to interact with some of the leaders of Australia’s agricultural industries.

For further information, and to apply, visit Nuffield Australia’s website at:

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FRDC Indigenous Development Scholarship - under review

This $10,000 scholarship is targeted to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander who seeks to help shape the social and economic future of their community and/or region through engagement with the fishing industry – fisheries management, commercial fishing, aquaculture, or traditional use of aquatic resources.

The Scholarship supports the recipient to undertake a personalised program to further develop the skills, knowledge and networks to be effective business, industry or community leaders within the fishing industry. The scholarship winner will undertake a program of development that may include mentoring, coaching, study or training, work placements, visits with Indigenous development organisations, State/Commonwealth fisheries management organisations, government departments, or commercial fishing /aquaculture businesses. Winners of the 2014 FRDC Indigenous Development Scholarship will receive up to $10,000 through a host organisation.

Host organisations

A scholarship host organisation will be an active partner, and the application is to be submitted jointly by the host organisation and applicant. The host organisation must demonstrate the capacity to manage the scholarship and support an identified individual to undertake a program of activities on behalf of the FRDC. Aligning the scholarship with a host organisation maximises opportunities for professional development, and achievement of personal and industry goals. Host organisations will benefit through the identification, development and retention of individuals who demonstrate capacity for making a difference; through exposure to new ideas and through strengthening organisational management, coaching and communication skills.

Scholarship program

The scholarship will involve a program of personalised development activities that will improve the scholarship holder’s ability to contribute as a leader in their chosen field. Activities are not prescribed, and applicants will work with their host organisation and mentor to develop a personalised program of activities. Activities may take the form of a project that addresses a sector need while developing the individual’s personal and professional capabilities. The scholarship will be for a period not exceeding two years.


A mentor will be identified prior to submitting the application. Mentors may be internal or external to the host organisation, and a mentoring relationship will be negotiated and formalised. Mentoring is a planned pairing of a more experienced person with a lesser skilled individual for the purpose of achieving mutually agreed on outcomes. It is a partnership in which both individuals share in a growth process and the personal development of one another. A mentor may provide business advice, coaching, introductions to people, feedback or other type of support.


Applications will close 23 April 2014. A selection panel will select the winner based on the information provided in the application. 

For further information contact Jo-Anne Ruscoe or telephone (02) 6285 0400.

FRDC Indigenous Development Scholarship Application Form [DOC]

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 FRDC WINSC Professional Development Scholarship

An annual scholarship is offered by the FRDC through the Women's Industry Network, Seafood Community (WINSC). The scholarship provides a unique opportunity for a female member of WINSC to undertake a personalised professional development program. Winners of the FRDC WINSC Professional Development Scholarship will receive up to $6,000 through WINSC.

WINSC is the only national organisation in Australia that represents the women of the seafood industry. It aims to enhance the role of seafood women for the benefit of the seafood industry, and provides a unique network role in un-tapping a valuable resource of Australia. WINSC takes a practical approach to professional development of skills, by raising the profile of women involved in the seafood industry. WINSC is a not for-profit, independent, productive network.

The Award is managed by WINSC on behalf of the FRDC. For more information about WINSC and the Award, please visit the Women's Industry Network Seafood Community (WINSC) website.

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