National Priority Two- Improved productivity and profitability of fishing and aquaculture


For 2018-19, the key focus for National Priority Two is:

  • To implement new approaches to industry development and innovation,
  • To progress the development of the Easy Open Oyster,
  • To deliver innovation acceleration programs to assist industry development,
  • To develop new ways to utilise underutilised species and further improve post-harvest waste, 
  • To invest in R&D projects to improve efficiency in wild fishery capture methods, and
  • To work towards understanding the social and economic contributions of recreational fishing in Australia.


Performance over the year will be assessed against the following indicators:

RD&E Plan 2015-20 Performance criteria

Year target

Understand the quantity of potential production from Australia’s fishing and aquaculture resources.

Two reports completed that assist increase knowledge to improve the utilisation of fisheries resources by Indigenous Australians.


Priority Leader and Contact - Crispian Ashby P. 02 6285 0425.

More information about this Priority can be found in the FRDC's RDE Plan 2015-20.


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