Victoria Research Advisory Committee

Victoria Research Advisory Committee

The Victoria Research Advisory Committee (VICRAC) formerly the Victoria Fisheries Research Advisory Body (FRAB), is an Australian Government statutory authority that was established by the FRDC in March 2016 under the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989 (PIRD Act).


The Victoria Research Advisory Committee (VICRAC) is an expertise-based committee is comprised of a membership group with expertise in wild catch (commercial and recreational), aquaculture, resource management, processing/post-harvest, indigenous, RD&E management or people development. The committee is responsible for facilitating the identification and delivery of efficient and effective research for stakeholders in Victoria

Research Priorities

Research, Development and Extension Plan

VICRAC  has developed a 5-year Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Plan that provides a framework to identify and invest in key strategic research needs of Victoria stakeholders, with the intent to ensure a healthy marine ecosystem and efficient, productive and profitable fisheries (including commercial, Indigenous and recreational).


Call for Applications

The FRDC invests through a flexible approach. Part of this approach allows the Research Advisory Committees (RACs), Industry Partnership Agreements (IPAs) and Subprograms to call for applications based on their priorities, drawn from the RDE Plan, up to three times per year in November, April and August – See whether this RAC has put forward any priorities in the current call for applications.



            Peter Rankin – Chair

            Kirsten Abernethy

            Russell Conway

            Dallas D’Silva

            Brad Duncan

            Craig Fox

            Mark Gervis

            Mike Gilby

            Andy Moore

            Josiah Pit


FRDC Management Contacts:

Nicole Stubing– Executive Officer (M 0468 590 642; E

Alison Connelly – Secretariat (M 0437 694 485; E


Meeting dates:  

VICRAC meeting no. 12 – 8 October 2019


Associated Industry Partnership Agreements:

IPAs are an agreement between the FRDC and a sector body to manage a suite of sectoral projects over a specified time period against an agreed industry strategic plan. Some sectors in a jurisdiction may have their RD&E need represented by the IPA as opposed to the RAC – for more information see IPAs.


Abalone Council of Australia IPA - /Partners/Industry-Partnership-Agreements/ACA

Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries IPA - /Partners/Industry-Partnership-Agreements/ACPF

Australian Abalone Growers Association IPA -

Southern Rock Lobster IPA - /en/Partners/Industry-Partnership-Agreements/SRL


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Assess new technologies and techniques that could improve the cost-effectiveness and robustness of recreational fishing surveys
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Developing automated data cleansing and validation processes for fisheries catch and effort data
Disseminating existing bycatch reduction and fuel efficiency technologies throughout Australia's prawn fisheries
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