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FRDC's RD&E Plan 2020-2025

FRDC have commenced development of their 2020-2025 Research, Development & Extension Plan (RD&E Plan). Consultation will be vital to ensure that FRDC is able to accurately or adequately interpret and respond to RD&E needs of Australia’s fishing and aquaculture community.

Building a vibrant and innovative fishing and aquaculture industry requires careful and deliberate planning. Through the years the FRDC have produced a series of 5-year Research, Development & Extension (RD&E) Plans. Each has taken a contemporary look at the business landscape, and laid down, against that landscape, a series of desired outcomes for fishing and aquaculture over that five-year period, and areas of strategic focus. Each plan also seeks to articulate the optimal framework for investment in RD&E to achieve the vision for fishing and aquaculture in Australia.

The process of delivering the FRDC’s 2020-25 RD&E Plan has started and will continue throughout 2019. The plan will be shaped by the priorities of the Australian Government, the Australian Fisheries Management Forum, and the needs and aspirations of the sectors and industries that make up Australia’s rich fishing and aquaculture community. To assist, the FRDC will be conducting an extensive consultative process over coming months. The process will be designed to provoke thought and feedback on possible future states of fishing and aquaculture in Australia; activities to respond to key internal and external driving forces; and review systems, investment frameworks and processes to improve efficiency in delivery of outputs through investment in RD&E.

The FRDC 2020-25 RD&E Plan will also be informed by:

  1. a contemporary snapshot of fishing and aquaculture today, updating earlier work conducted in 2014 (FRDC Project 2014/503.20);
  2. a horizon-scanning process looking over a ten-year time horizon (2030) that considers geopolitical, social, economic, environmental and/or technical changes likely to occur over 2020-2030, drivers of those changes, and implications for fisheries and aquaculture production, trade, pricing, fishing participation, expenditure, and the environment;
  3. The Independent review of FRDC’s performance, and proposed independent review of RACs and IPAs (see above)
  4. relevant strategic plans and strategies that are extant for the nominated five-year period.

Consultation Plan

A consultation plan has been developed, and is intended as a guide for activities to inform development of the plan. The consultation plan seeks to:

  • explain the purpose and objectives of consultation to inform FRDC’s 2020-25 Research, Development & Extension Plan
  • describe who will be consulted
  • briefly outline an efficient and effective strategy for delivering consultation
  • explain how input provided will be used.

Click here for a link to the full consultation plan.

Future developments

As the 2020-25 RD&E Plan is developed updates will be available on this page and published in the quarterly FRDC Stakeholder Briefings and FISH Magazine.


Feedback on the RD&E Plan

The FRDC values your feedback. There are many ways to let us know what you think. You can fill in the form below or email us directly at