People Development Program Investment Priorities

The FRDC encourages R&D project applications that address one or more of the following People Development Program priorities:

Enhance industry leadership within, and across, all sectors

Of high priority is the need to develop leaders at all levels of industry and across all sectors, and improve communication between them. While the FRDC invests significant amounts in leadership programs and scholarships, research is also needed to identify and address impediments to individuals taking on representational & leadership roles at local and sector levels.

Build industry capacity to drive change to achieve goals

Of high priority is the need for capacity building projects that support industry to determine and access the knowledge, abilities, skills, and resources to address their goals and challenges; and in the process build capability and independence to meet future challenges and opportunities beyond the life of the project.

For the purpose of the FRDC people development program, capacity building projects may include research and development initiatives that aim to:

  • strengthen governance and representational capabilities of industry organisations
  • increase the capacity of industry organisations to represent the views of members
  • enhance industry’s ability to contribute to debate and policy development
  • build industry committee member competence and confidence
  • identify and build skills for business profitability and sustainability

Provide opportunities for knowledge transfer and R&D adoption

Of high priority is the need for projects that develop networks and mechanisms to make more effective use of scientific and community resources, knowledge and skills. Experience shows that it is valuable for individuals in the fishing industry to link with other stakeholders in the system. This often means developing relationships that extend across industries, supply chains, regions or jurisdictions. Networks may include groups of businesses, associations, organisations, researchers, training and education providers, agri-business, or fisheries management agencies. An emphasis will be on adoption of knowledge and innovative practices, and engagement with industry.

Build workforce capability

Of high priority is the need to undertake research and development that aims to understand the fishing / seafood industry’s workforce needs and build workforce capability. Identified needs include:

  • Undertake an evaluation of the economic impact of implementing wage-based employment and Australian Apprenticeships in the wild catch sector
  • Identify and address reasons for poor uptake of training and education in the fishing industry
  • Undertake research to understand and profile the workforce capability needs of the fishing industry sectors
  • Undertake research to identify the training needs and preferred delivery to improve industry profitability and sustainability