Remuneration of Senior Executives and other highly paid employees

2017-18 Financial Year

Total remuneration bands Senior Executives and other highly paid employees Reportable Salary

Reportable allowances

Bonus paid

   no. $ $ $ $ $
Less than $225,000  3  521,884.56  118,424.79  -  -  640,309.35
$275,001 to $300,000  1  250,884.50   46,659.00  -  -  297,543.50
$350,001 to $375,000  1  297,294.00   55,891.00  -  -  353,185.00
Total number of Senior Executives and other highly paid employees  5          

Key requirements/definitions

(1) This table reports Senior executives and other highly paid employees who received remuneration during the reporting period. Each row represents an average figure for the individuals in that remuneration band.
(2) 'Reportable salary' includes the following:
          a)  gross payments (excluding bonuses);
          b)  reportable fringe benefits (net amount); 
          b)  reportable employer superannuation contributions; and
          c)  exempt foreign employment income.
(3) The 'contributed superannuation' amount is the actual cost of superannuation benefits to Senior Executives and other paid employees in that reportable remuneration band during the reporting period.
(4) 'Reportable allowances' are the actual allowances paid as per the 'total allowances' line on individuals' payment summaries.
(5) 'Bonus paid' represents actual bonuses paid during the reporting period in that reportable remuneration band. During the year no bonuses were paid to Senior Executives or other highly paid employees. (The FRDC does not pay bonuses.)