The FRDC as Australia’s fisheries RD&E agency plays an important role in delivering science to meet the needs of Government and Industry. As part of this role the FRDC will make public submissions on areas relating to science, marine environments or the key issues relating to the organisation. Recent FRDC submissions are below:

•           FRDC submission to the House of Representatives inquiry into fisheries and aquaculture science 2010

•           The FRDC response to the National Food Plan issues paper 2011

•           FRDC submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Australian Rural Research and Development Corporations Mode 2012

•           FRDC submission to the country of origin food labelling enquiry 2014

•           FRDC submission on the current requirements for labelling of seafood and seafood products 2014

•           FRDC Submission to the Inquiry into the environmental, social and economic impacts of large capacity fishing vessels - This submission was updated 23 September 2016 following the re-convening of Inquiry

•           FRDC Submission Current and Future Impacts of Climate Change on Marine fisheries and Biodiversity