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 The scope of the IRG is to ensure that fishing and seafood industry focused RD&E assists in delivering improved economic, environmental and social benefits to Australia’s Indigenous people. The IRG is expertise based, advisory in nature, and makes recommendations to FRDC on strategic issues relevant to Indigenous RD&E in the fishing and seafood industry.

Current IRG Priority RD&E Areas March 2018

  • Capacity Building Project. Preferred supplier identified. Contracts yet to be signed. IRG happy to work with all sectors to share.
  • Data Projects – Six EOI received to facilitate a process to identify best means to collet appropriate data. Feedback developed at IRG18

Other priority areas (note IRG very happy to co-invest or collaborate on priority areas below):

Developing a concise summary of R&D undertaken to date

  • Sharing and preserving knowledge through story
  • Taking R&D to E&A – extending adoption pathways to policy and management.


IRG Overarching RD&E Priorities March 2018

These priorities guide the activities of the IRG:

  • Primacy for Indigenous People
  • Acknowledgement of Indigenous Cultural Practices
  • Self-determination of indigenous rights to use and manage cultural assets and resources
  • Economic development opportunities arising from Indigenous peoples cultural assets and associated rights
  • Capacity building opportunities for Indigenous people are enhanced.


Call for applications - Closes 7 October 2018

IRG have a call for two research projects:

  • Sharing and preserving knowledge through story
  • Identify and synthesizing key messages from IRG projects

Download more information on the projects



History of the IRG

In 2012 the FRDC established an Indigenous Reference Group to assist in working towards a Fisheries Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) plan for indigenous Australians.

Information on the management of the Reference Group can be found on the FRDC Subprograms Advisory Group Page.

To assist with this process two workshops have been held that Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal people  with  an interest in fishing and seafood  attended the forum to help identify key RD&E needs for the indigenous sector.

Historic Key documents relating to the Indigenous Reference Group and outcomes from the first two workshops are below:


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