Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA)

The Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA) was established in 1993. It is the national peak body working to further the interests of the Australian Barramundi farming industry. ABFA’s objects and purposes are:

  • To promote and support all aspects of the Australian barramundi farming industry
  • To provide a unified voice for the barramundi farming industry in representations to governments and other bodies
  • To promote and undertake, as necessary, research and development in the Australian barramundi farming industry,
  • To promote the development of barramundi farming as an environmentally sustainable industry
  • To foster and promote goodwill amongst the members of the Association in the furtherance of its objectives.


The ABFA’s vision is for Australian Barramundi to be the Australian fish of choice for seafood consumers.


Industry Partnership Agreement

The FRDC is a key partner for planning and investment in the research, development extension needed to achieve its vision. ABFA works closely with the FRDC and research providers to focus resources into the RD&E needed to address current priority investment areas. RD&E investment planning and project realisation is undertaken through a collaborative process between ABFA members and research providers, with priorities developed and agreed at Annual General Meetings (AGM) and half yearly conferences.


ABFA Strategic Priorities

ABFA has developed a Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (see the plan) that identifies the following five strategy platforms and R&D priorities to support each of these:

  1. Grow category demand
  2. Differentiate to support premium pricing
  3. Manage biosecurity & disease risk
  4. Drive productivity improvement
  5. Deliver triple bottom line commitments


Call for Applications

The FRDC invests through a flexible approach. Part of this approach allows the Research Advisory Committees (RACs), Industry Partnership Agreements (IPAs) and Subprograms to call for applications based on their priorities up to three times per year – see whether this IPA has put forward any priorities in the current call for applications.


ABFA Contact

Jo-Anne Ruscoe, Executive Officer – (E
Web: and


FRDC Management Contacts

Wayne Hutchinson – FRDC Portfolio Manager (M 0439 636 375; E


Meeting dates

See Events


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IPA Australian Barramundi Farmers Association - ABFA RD&E investment model