Where possible, the FRDC collaborates with other primary industry R&D corporations (RDCs) through the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework. The National Framework consists of 14 sector-based strategies and eight cross-sector strategies.

Section 6

The FRDC is a member of the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations and actively engages in this forum. As with many other RDCs, the FRDC is continually looking for opportunities to collaborate on RD&E that will benefit multiple primary industries.   



Australian Government R&D priorities

The FRDC takes great care to ensure the most efficient and effective links are developed across RD&E for fishing and aquaculture. The objects of the PIRD Act provide the basis of the FRDC's outcome statement — its reason for being — but other major planning documents contain relevant research priorities such as: 

  • Australian Government Science and Research Priorities        
  • Australian Government Rural R&D Priorities
  • National Primary Industries RD&E Framework – National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy and relevant cross-sector strategies
  • National Marine Science Plan
  • Partnership Agreement Strategic Research Plans (for industry sectors and jurisdictions)
  • FRDC subprogram plans
  • QUAPLAN 2014–2019 (Australia's National Strategic Plan for Aquatic Animal Health). 

National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy

The National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy 2015–20 (the Strategy) aligns with the National Marine Science Plan which is one of the main planning documents for marine science in Australia. The FRDC was a major contributor to the Strategy and this RD&E Plan draws on several priority areas from the Strategy. 

By having compatible priorities and themes with the two national plans the FRDC can assess how to provide leadership, address RD&E gaps, deliver objectives, and work to establish national initiatives that support major research services.  

The FRDC will draw on international research expertise and outputs — where relevant — to minimise duplication, maximise efficiency and develop partnerships with the potential to increase returns for stakeholders.

Section 6 fig 4

Figure 4. The planning environment and how the FRDC's RD&E Plan links to other major planning documents.