Marine climate change adaption projects

The FRDC has a role at the national level to help co-ordinate and fund fisheries climate change research, development and extension with Australian, State and Territory Government agencies, industry, and stakeholders.This builds on the large amount of research undertaken over the past decade looking at climate variability and its impact on the fishing industry, with a focus on identifying mitigation options that might be adopted by managers and industry. 

Previously, the FRDC coordinated the Climate Adaptation Program that included a series of research and development partnerships and a total RD&E investment of over $9M from 2010 to 2014. This was led by FRDC with partnerships going across Australian and State Governments, CSIRO and universities as the lead co-investors. These funded RD&E activities span a range of species groups, ecosystems and regions in Australia.

Currently, FRDC’s investment into climate change research is informed by the various needs of our stakeholders through the FRDC’s partner mechanisms – jurisdictional and industry sector bodies. RD&E invested through these initiatives seeks to develop collaborative partnerships and leverage existing knowledge in this area.

It is also important to acknowledge that there are a wide range of investors into climate change RD&E, including Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, CSIRO, the Australian Research Council, universities and the private sector. Following is a list of FRDC-funded projects and resources.

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