Published: 22 April 2024 Updated: 14 May 2024
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FRDC is launching a unique format for Principal Investigators to present current FRDC-funded research at the 2024 Seafood Directions conference. Apply now to receive up to $4,000 to cover the costs of attending and presenting your work at a special research presentation, pop-up event. 

This special event – FRDC’s FishTank - is a dedicated space for you to bring your FRDC research to life in innovative, interactive and creative ways. Think displaying project equipment, props, live research demonstrations, interactive experiments, or any novel way to showcase science to capture and engage the Seafood Directions audience.  

The format is simple. You will be under the spotlight for 20 minutes: 

  • 10 minutes will be given to explain your research project. Using the props, equipment and displays you’ve created to showcase and explain how you are undertaking the research, and how it will benefit stakeholders and demonstrate the impact it will deliver.  

  • There will be a 10-minute interactive Q&A session where conference attendees can ask questions about your project, query your work to better understand your research and give you an opportunity to engage with Seafood Directions attendees. 

To help you think about different ways to showcase your research, the FRDC FishTank initiative also includes four hours of FREE professional science communication training, to help build your confidence and capability to present your fantastic research in the FRDC FishTank!    

How to apply?

 Develop and submit a 3-5-minute video pitch covering: 

  • Your name, organisation, FRDC project number/s and a quick explanation of the research you’re undertaking and what it aims to deliver. 

  • Outline who needs to know about your R&D project – who are the ultimate beneficiaries, relevant decision makers or target audiences. 

  • How will you bring your research to life in FRDC FishTank – what research equipment, fishing or aquaculture gear, scientific tools or other props will you use to explain the work you’re undertaking in a visually compelling way. 

  • R&D highlights – what are the key findings or fascinating outcomes of your ongoing FRDC-funded research project.  

It is hoped your presentation at Seafood Directions could replace a communication milestone in your FRDC project. Note: This will be at the discretion of the FRDC Research Portfolio Manager.  

Once you are happy with your pitch – upload it to YouTube, make it unlisted, and submit the link through this form. This form will also ask for some additional information.  

Not sure how to upload your video onto YouTube? Watch this video or contact if you need assistance.  

The competition will be fierce – only the top six pitches will make it to Seafood Directions – so bring your A-game! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before applying, please read the following FAQ, which provides important details about the event, costs, and attendance.   

When is Seafood Directions happening?

Seafood Directions is being held in Hobart from the 10-11 September 2024.  

Can I present with others?

PI’s may present with their FRDC project team members in their 3–5-minute video pitch. Note that only the PI (or someone on their behalf) will be able to present at FRDC FishTank session at Seafood Directions. 

What are the judging criteria?

The four judging criteria are:  

  • Creativity  

  • Innovative use and application of communication outputs  

  • Brevity   

  • Engagement (does it grab the audience’s attention?)   

All of these elements will be judged on a scale of 1-10. The six highest scores will attend Seafood Directions and present at FRDC FishTank.  

What costs will FRDC cover? 

FRDC will cover up to $4,000 AUD (Including GST) for you to attend Seafood Directions, if you make the top six. Breakdown of costs is:  

  • Up to $2,000 AUD (including GST) for travel to and from the event. This includes accommodation. Tax invoices must be provided for reimbursement.  

  • Up to $2,000 AUD (including GST) for equipment, displays, communication outputs that will be shown or used during your presentation, on your stand, or both.  FRDC will retain these display materials for future use.  

  • All costs associated with your science presentation training.   

Finalists will enter individual bursary agreements with FRDC prior to receiving money and training.  

I want to use equipment or a communication output for my stand and/or presentation, but I can’t carry it over! Can I get it delivered? 

Yes, but note that this will be part of your up to $2,000 AUD for communication outputs.   

Can a researcher be nominated to go on a Principal Investigator’s behalf?

Yes. However, the Principal Investigator must lead the video pitch in the first round and provide all the details about attendance. If you make the top six, FRDC will ask if the PI  wishes to nominate someone on their behalf. This nominated person must be registered on FishNet ( and be part of your FRDC project research team prior to the 15 May 2024 to be eligible to attend.   

Who will be providing the science presentation training?

The presentation training will be provided by Scientell, an experienced science communication company that seeks to maximise the impact of scientific information by transforming technical information for non-scientific audiences. 

Finalists will be offered a three-hour group workshop, and then an individualised 1-hour session for feedback on your proposed presentation.   

Can my presentation focus on multiple FRDC research projects?

FRDC recommends that you focus on one FRDC project for your video pitch and presentation, but the option to talk about multiple FRDC projects is there. But please remember, the projects must be ongoing FRDC-funded research, and not already completed projects.  

Apply now! 

Remember, once you are happy with your pitch – upload it to YouTube, make it private, and submit the link through this form. This form will also ask for some additional information.   

If you aren't sure how to upload your video onto YouTube, Watch this video or contact if you need assistance

The deadline to apply is Tuesday 18th June 2024 11:59PM AEST. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Find out more about Seafood Directions

Thanks for your interest in applying for FRDC FishTank – it’s going to be a fantastic event showcasing the excellent research and skill sets our research community has!  

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