National Priorities and Subprograms


The FRDC has devolved some authority to jurisdictions through Research Advisory Committees (RACs) and industry sectors through Industry Partnership Agreements (IPAs) – to allow them greater ownership over setting research priorities to address sectoral and jurisdictional R&D needs.

On occasion, a planned research and development outcome could be more successful if a number of related projects were managed by employing higher levels of coordination, integration and communication. The FRDC either on its own initiative or at the request of a stakeholder group, can establish a managed subprogram. The current subprogram contacts are listed below:




Aquatic Animal Health and Biosecurity

Nick Moody

Wayne Hutchinson -
M: 0439636375

Indigenous fishing

Chris Calogeras

Wayne Hutchinson -
M: 0439636375

Recfishing Research

Owen Li 

Christopher Izzo - M: 0419852723

Human Dimensions Program

Emily Ogier

Carolyn Stewardson - M: 0418867944