National Priority Three - Development of new and emerging aquaculture growth opportunities

Development of new and emerging aquaculture growth opportunities

As part of the 2015-2020 FRDC RD&E Plan, the FRDC will allocate a significant portion of the Australian Government’s public-good funding it receives to take the lead in priority setting for RD&E with a national focus.

Finfish aquaculture has been one of the great success stories of the Australian seafood industry over the last two decades. Worldwide it is likely to be aquaculture that supplies the greater proportion

of the increased demand for seafood. Aquaculture has seen steady advancement over the past 30 years, with some sectors (such as Atlantic Salmon) having unprecedented growth over a much shorter period. There is still considerable potential within this sector, especially with the

diversify cation in finfish species. There are a number of aquaculture ventures that could be expanded with RD&E, as has been proven by examples from overseas.


Research Priorities

Research, Development and Extension Plan

The strategic direction of National Priority 3 is outlined in the FRDC’s 2015-2020 RDE Plan.

For 2019-20 the key focus for National Priority 3 is:

  • continuing the advances made in Yellowtail Kingfish production,
  • explore options for developing aquaculture in northern Australia and scope the potential for novel species, systems and approaches, and
  • invest in R&D projects that will assist grow production volumes of aquaculture species across Australia.

Call for Applications

The FRDC invests through a flexible approach. Part of this approach allows the Research Advisory Committees (RACs), Industry Partnership Agreements (IPAs) and Subprograms to call for applications based on their priorities up to three times per year in November, April and August – see whether this IPA has put forward any priorities in the current call for applications.

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