About FRDC


About us

What is FRDC?

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) is a co-funded partnership between its two stakeholders, the Australian Government and the fishing industry. It was formed as a statutory corporation on 2nd July 1991, within the Australian Government’s Agriculture portfolio and is accountable to the Australian Parliament. The FRDC operates under two key pieces of legislation:

-     Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 (PIRD Act), formerly the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989


-     Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 which has replaced the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997.


What does FRDC do?

The FRDC invests in science to create knowledge for the benefit of the Australian community so that Australia’s marine and freshwater resources can be managed and used for fishing and aquaculture sustainably.

This includes providing leadership and coordination of the RD&E activities, facilitating dissemination, extension and commercialisation. The FRDC achieves this through coordinating government and industry investment, including stakeholders to establish and address RD&E priorities. In addition, the FRDC monitors and evaluates the adoption of RD&E to inform future decisions.

             What kind of research does FRDC fund?

The FRDC invests in every aspect of fishing and aquaculture. The research it invests in is informed by an assessment of the strategic needs of all sectors- commercial, aquaculture, recreational, indigenous and post -harvest.

How does research get selected?

A set of policies and procedures underpin the FRDC’s governance and how it identifies and approves projects. This includes working with industry to identify priorities through to an independent board that ratifies decisions.

The FRDC has a significant responsibility in ensuring, on behalf of the Australian Government, that research is undertaken to assist in the management of the fisheries and aquaculture resource for ongoing sustainability. This means that a significant proportion of funding is directed at research that has a benefit for the sectors of the fishing industry: commercial wild-catch, aquaculture, recreational, indigenous and post-harvest and also delivers a public good benefit to the Australian community.

Is the FRDC government?

FRDC stands for Fisheries Research Development Corporation and is a statutory corporation (one of 5 RD&E’s) within the Australian Government’s Agriculture portfolio and is accountable to the Australian Parliament. It is a co-funded partnership between the Australian Government and the fishing industry, so sits between government and industry.

Who does the FRDC work with?


The FRDC’s main stakeholders are the Australian Government and the fishing industry; but its activities are also impacted by a range of partners and collaborators including the state and territory governments, other funding bodies, research providers, community and interest groups.


Who does the FRDC report to?


The FRDC reports to the Australian parliament through the Minister of Agriculture.


Does the FRDC manage fisheries?

No, FRDC invests in research that informs the management of Australia’s fisheries.

Who funds FRDC?

FRDC’s funds come from the Australian Government and from the Commonwealth and state-based commercial fisheries.

Do you sell fish?

No, FRDC is a Government Corporation that invests in Fisheries Research and Development projects.