Australian fishing industry and its sustainability

Australian Fishing industry and its sustainability

How does the size of the Australian seafood industry compare to others around the world?

Australia ranks 58th in the world for seafood production, with 235,710 tonnes caught and farmed in 2014/15. This accounts for 0.14 per cent of the world’s total tonnage of 168 million.

How sustainable is Australia’s seafood industry?

Australia is amongst the top four countries for management of wild fisheries. Supported by FRDC, Australia is constantly improving practices in its fisheries by applying the latest scientific findings.

In the 2016, Australia has progressively adopted a more ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management which examines fishing practices not just on the target species, but also on the environment and other related species.

For a scientific assessment of Australia’s key wild catch fish stocks visit

How sustainable is the world’s fish supply?

See “ Are there any fish left in the sea? ”.

Are any stocks in Australia subject to overfishing?

Yes, the latest scientific assessment of Australia’s key wild catch revealed that 6 per cent of Australian commercial stocks are currently overfished. The relevant jurisdictions are aware of this. See for more information.

How do I check the status of a specific species?

The most up to date assessment of the status of Australian commercial species can be found here: