The Secretariat assesses your application and determines when it is ready for evaluation by the Fish Names Committee.

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How to submit a name

STEP 1: Confirm species identification

Talk to taxonomic experts or get advice from the Secretary.

STEP 2: Check if there is an existing SFN for the species

Search for the species on the searchable Fish Names Database.

STEP 3: If there is no existing name or the name that is listed is unsuitable, choose a candidate name

Take note of the Standard Fish Names Protocols when completing the Fish Names Application Form.

STEP 4: Prepare draft application

Prepare your draft application on the official Fish Names Application Form.

STEP 5: Consult key fish name stakeholders who are affected by the application/amendment

Email to who will distribute for feedback as well as the applicant conducting stakeholder consultation.

STEP 6: Finalise application

Confirm species identification. Talk to taxonomic experts or get advice from the Secretary.

STEP 7: Submit application

Submit your application to the Fish Names Project Manager.

Applications for Public Comment

As part of the assessment process, your application may be provided to fish names stakeholders comment, in which case you will be provided with a copy of any stakeholder comments received by FRDC. You may amend and resubmit your application to address any stakeholder comments.

Applicants need to clearly identify any ‘Commercial-in Confidence” information that they may include in their application so this information can be excluded when the application is made available for stakeholder and public comment.