Stock Assessment Modelling Videos

The FRDC funded a series of videos to help fishermen understand how stock assessments and harvest strategies work.

Stock assessments describe the past and current status of a fish population, or stock. Harvest strategies provide a framework to ensure that fishery managers, fishers and key stakeholders think about and document how they will respond to various fishing conditions.

Stock assessments and harvest strategies are not just about scientists and managers, they rely heavily on contributions from fishers. These videos demonstrate how important a fisherman's knowledge, information and participation is in the stock assessment and harvest strategy process.

  1. Meet the Fisherman 
  2. Schools of fish
  3. Recruitment
  4. Age and growth
  5. Mortality
  6. Selectivity
  7. Catch per unit
  8. Collecting
  9. The Black box
  10. Opening the black box
  11. Harvest strategies
  12. Fisheries economic