Undergraduate unit for seafood marketing

A non-accredited undergraduate unit for seafood marketing has been developed by the University of Sunshine Coast  for the FRDC and Seafood CRC. The unit aims to provide a structured approach to assist those working in the seafood industry to better market their products. 

This unit builds on the material produced by the FRDC and SCRC to assist and educate people about seafood. Other materials include Chef and Hospitality Australian Seafood All Access Chef & Hospitality Tutorials.
Module 1 - The Food Industry [PDF]
Module 2 - Developing Strategies in the Food Industry [PDF] 
Module 3 - Managing the Chain [PDF]
Module 4 - Managing Quality and Logistics [PDF]
Module 5 - Retailing [PDF] 
Module 6 - Understanding food purchasing - Consumer Behaviour [PDF] 
Module 6 - Understanding The Australian Seafood Consumer (and Chefs) - Overview of current CRC consumer research [PDF] 
Module 7 - Understanding food purchasing - Research [PDF] 
Module 8 - Branding and New Product Development [PDF] 
Module 9 - Integrated Marketing Communication [PDF] 
Module 10 - Point of Purchase Strategies [PDF] 
Module 11 - Marketing Organic Food [PDF] 
Module 12 - Strategy Revisited [PDF]