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In a year of chaos and tragedy there have also been moments of gratitude and a vision of the path forward
An exhibition celebrating the contribution to community and industry of Gippsland Lakes fishers is set to open in the new year
Latest news in Australian fisheries
Latest science in Australian fisheries
One website has brought together and reviewed the world’s best, free, off-the-shelf stock assessment packages, helping fisheries researchers get more done with less
Creating a vehicle to coordinate investment will help agriculture, fisheries and forestry move from the financial shadows to centre stage for economic development
New modelling identifies crucial links between the wet season and Barramundi populations, providing vital information for the Northern Territory’s resource managers
A new Statement of Intent formalises the FRDC’s aspirations to advance reconciliation and the role of Indigenous Australians within the sphere of Australian fishing and aquaculture
A new series of industry webinars offers seafood businesses practical guidance in the world of online marketing and branding
New research into the production capabilities of the oceans highlights their potential to provide global food security
A new whole-of-industry approach will encourage people to eat more Australian seafood as the industry recovers from the impacts of COVID-19
Market data from Nielsen shows seafood, across most categories, continues to rise in value and volume
Working together is the key to achieving a future for the fisheries sector that rises from being an ‘acceptable’ part of society to a ‘celebrated’ one
A new report identifies the issues that need addressing if seaweed is to become a serious part of Australia’s marine production
FRDC-funded research has been critical in developing the propagation techniques that are helping Australia to establish ocean farming of seaweeds
From the marine biology and life sciences, Stephan Schnierer has expanded his field of view to raise the profile of traditional knowledge and Indigenous fishing rights