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FISH Mar 2015 or read the articles below.


New market opportunities, new marketing techniques and new products are all contributing to a renewed sense of optimism for Australia’s fishing and seafood industries
Latest news in Australian fisheries
The addition of new species further improves reporting on the status of Australia’s fisheries and identifies room for improvement
The first meeting of fisheries-sector government ministers in more than a decade could prove the beginning of an era of cooperative fisheries management
Extensive consultation with stakeholders has helped to clarify the long-term aspirations of Australia’s fisheries sectors and identify challenges to be overcome
How does Australia fare when it comes to global trends shaping the sustainable production and supply of seafood?
Should Australian seafood have a common national brand to promote its products in international and domestic markets?
Countering territorial behaviour and the propensity of octopus to escape from even the most securely closed tank systems have been among a number of achievements and world firsts to come from Australian efforts to develop aquaculture techniques for the species
A new smartphone app that allows commercial crab fishers to collect detailed, near-real-time catch data is proving a cost-effective alternative to traditional monitoring
While humans harness sound to navigate the ocean and its riches, there are growing concerns about the potential impact of industrial noise pollution on marine ecosystems
The combination of recognised training and the promotion of professional expertise aims to improve the public perception and reputation of Australia’s fishing industry
Sorting the Snapper eggs from those of other species will allow egg numbers to be used to assess fish populations
While most relocated Southern Rocklobster stay put, those that do move have shown a highly accurate sense of direction
The fishing industry is in the spotlight as the Australian Maritime Safety Authority leads renewed efforts to improve onboard workplace safety
Changes to legislation during the past year are making way for new challenges and opportunities for the FRDC and its stakeholders
Joining the debate on new international seafood safety standards has allowed Australia and New Zealand to argue for an approach that reflects the actual risk to consumers
Industry participation in the development of international food safety standards is helping to ensure proposed international protocols are workable in Australia
Thinner twine combined with a different trawl configuration and otter boards incorporating efficient sails should reduce trawl system drag by more than 35 per cent, new research shows
The removal of tariffs will allow Australia to be more competitive in satisfying the growing Chinese market for seafood
Local, lived experiences add value to the science documenting changes in our marine environments, says researcher Gretta Pecl, supporting better decisions for the future of our fisheries
Tributes to passed fisheries contributors